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Love Blossom pt. 10
Yoochun’s P.O.V:
          I sat in my room when JiSu appeared and sat next to me. In one conversation we had become really close. Extremely close even, of course I knew when to draw the line because JunSu would come after me if I didn’t.
Ah, he’s so immature.
“Did you know about this?!” JiSu came in my room and lay beside me.  She sighed and rolled around like a puppy.
“Know about what?” I asked looking at her.
“You never know about anything! DaHae and Jaejoong were found in the washroom together, on the floor. Later when we all were there, well except for you, Jaejoong almost kissed DaHae. But Changmin stopped him, it was like TENSION!!!” JiSu said then stopped and looked at me carefully.
“I never knew your house had so much drama in it. Like a bad story or a sitcom” she said laughing.
“Our family has drama?! We never had drama until you came in” I said poking her a
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Love Blossome pt.9
            Changmin’s P.O.V:
             I thought she had pretty eyes too. I didn’t know what this meant, what could she mean by that. Was DaHae trying to usher a hidden message behind that? I wasn’t sure so I asked YunHo- hyung.
“If a girl stares at you for a long time and tells you, that you have pretty eyes…what does that mean?” I asked coolly trying to appear casual.
   “Um, it means nothing. I mean unless, she does it a lot, then that means she’s trying to tell you something. If she does it once that means she’s playing you” YunHo-hyung answered thoughtfully. He sat on the couch reading his book.
     So I guess that means DaHae doesn’t have any interest as me. She thinks of me as a toy, that was the message.
DaHae P.O.V:
Okay, yes I only said that to see Changmin’s
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Love Blossom pt.8
     YunHo's P.O.V:
      The interview was hectic, there was more than 20 newspaper reporters
in sight, and that is just the beginning. The questions were answered some were
left with confusing answers. Our manager had taught us from the beginning to
leave at least some questions still not answered. To keep them wondering he had
said. Although DaeHae was young I could tell how great her leadership skills
were. She was charming as much as she was sharp and sensible. You could just
see the admiration glistening in Changmin's eyes.
           "Um...I'm, uh, w-wondering if you'd a-answer a few, few, of my questions?
I'm a r-really big fan" said a young reporter. I had seen many reporters that are
new and young and VERY nervous, this one was no different.
      "Well.. my f-first, uh, question is i-if, I mean w-why both groups are living
together?" she
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Love Blossom pt.7
       *picture of EunJi's outfit~     
             DaeEun's P.O.V:
          "So are you...okay?" I asked EunJi as we were picking out an outfit for our
              "Yeah..why wouldn't I be" she answered quietly.
                 "Look, I know you aren't okay! I'm not smart but I'm not stupid either. I
know you well enough to know you aren't okay!" I said walking beside her.
                  "I'm not sure what came over me...I didn't mean to hurt him! I just, I
felt like he was back. I felt like he was coming and he was the on
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Love Blossom pt.6
       DaeEun's P.O.V:
         This was the most stupidest thing that our manager has EVER done, and he
has done some pretty stupid things to our lives. Sure, the best pop sensations
working together was a good idea, BUT living together?!?!
         Plus he didn't even listen to us when we told him about what had happened
in the limo! EunJi is a sensitive person especially after what had happened, in the
limo as well as the incident. Nobody is allowed to speak about what happened
except EunJi. We told our manager that somethinghorrible happened but he didn't
care. Seriously, I think we should fire him but DaeHae says that it'll be all over the
papers so that was a no option.
            "No, come on..Is this..really? WELL I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY!!!" YunHo
shouted and hung up.
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Love Blossom pt.5
*picture of mysterious girl
            Changmin's P.O.V:
             The slap was deafening in the car. Jae-hyung didn't even look upset. He
had this dreamy look on his face, while EunJi-noona had this shocked expression
even though she's the one who slapped him.  I saw YunHo-hyung and                 
DaeEun-noona whisper something to the driver. Probably telling us to drop us off
at our home.
   We drove around but the driver dropped us off at a huge mansion, which, in fact
was neither of our houses.
    "WHAT THE HELL??!!" DaeHae and DaeEun-noona had turns shouting at
their manager in the phone. The house was huge and there was 4 bedrooms, a
gigantic kitchen, 2 huge bathrooms, and a gym and movie room, making 3 floors altogether.&
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Love Blossom pt.4.
*picture of SooYoung from SNSD, my image of DaeEun
           DaeEun's P.O.V:
        You would think that celebrities get anything you want, right, even dates and
items? Well, you're wrong. Here, in the limo is a perfect example. EunJi had told
me that Jaejoong had asked if Light and DBSK could eat at a local resturant as a
group. She said group another 4 times, she made sure anyone, like a news
reporters, could know it was a "group" meeting. We had all hoped it would be a
casual evening but our managers thought up a "casual" evening is driving
around in a limo.
          The limo isn't the only problem tonight. There was an uncomfortable
stillness in the limo.Of course, there is a bit of conversation but it was
uncomfortable. There is a big tension between Xiah JunSu, JiSu, and DaeHae.
Ever since this morning the three wer
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Love Blossom pt.4
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Love Blossom pt. 3
*picture of Bae Seul Gi and my image of DaeHae
     EunJi's P.O.V:
   I'm going to work with Jaejoong for a new album with DBSK. heh~ Many girls
would be honoured and be star struck like Changmin...which should be the other
way around.  I dont know why DaeHae isnt all happy and giggly like she was with
JunSu. She's being a bit too cruel with him..I wonder why?
      "Umm. GROUP MEETING!!! One minute, please~" DaeHae said using her fake
smile. I wonder whats her problem, she and JiSu were arguing or whispering
about something. I better ask JiSu, she's kind of a blabber mouth; I know I'm her
sister after all.
          "I dont know if we should do this!" DaeHae exclaimed studying JunSu and
JiSu more than me or DaeEun.
        "I promised, DaeHae! I wont, like know" JiSu said winking at DaeHae.
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Love Blossom pt 2
*did this for Drama Queen ..dont know if anyone else is reading hehe
the pic is Tiffany from SNSD and is what JiSu looks like ~
     Yoochun's P.O.V:
   Wow..JiSu is a great girl and a total hottie too. Actually everyone in Light are
total cuties. They are all great but I wasn't attracted to them. I dunno why..I'm
always attracted to girls but I wanted to be friends with them not like date them.
   I dont know why but JunSu kept looking at me while DaeHae was talking to him.
Our managers were looking at me too. I looked down ...nope i was still perfectly
fine...maybe I was in trouble!
    AHA!!! I found out why JunSu was looking at me...correction looking at JiSu.
He came up tp me later and asked.
    "Hyung? Are you and JiSu hitting it off? Like I mean your not know,
flirting with her are you?" He seriously seemed worried about me and JiSu being
together. I, being ssuucchh a great
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Love Blossom pt. 1
    *you may want to read Love Blossom to understand ^.~
   JiSu's P.O.V :
    Today the streets were crowded with so many fans and paparazzi's! I have no
idea how they find out where we go everyday! DaHae was happily waving at all
the attention while the two oldest members were not. They both looked pretty
pissed with all the shoving but put on a fake smile for the camera. We were
practically shoved into the studio. I couldnt help giggling when a reporter
accidently hit poor DaEun in the face. My giggling will probably be all over the
papers tomorrow.
     All the attention wasnt the ONLY reason DaHae was a happy leader. Yesterday we found out we had to SADLY share the studio with DBSK. HOW COULD THAT EVER BE A BAD THING?! DBSK is DaHae's favourite band of all time. She had every
song that they made in her Ipod Touch. Her favourite member is  Xiah JunSu, and
personally he's my favourite too. Not
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Love blossom
     Today was a busy day in the studio. The group, Light, came to shoot an MV for
their new song Flaming. They are one of the best girl bands of Korea, Japan,
China, and Taiwan.
     The group Light contained 4 girls. The youngest is Han Daehae who was the l
leader, surprisingly. She is  19 years old. She has sparkling light brown eyes and
was pretty dorky. She has short dark silky brown hair in a bold bob that outlined
her face. She didnt have the best body (cuz' she lives to eat ^.^) but was fit. She
was the "just -right" size as her group members said.
     Kim EunJi was an other member of the group. She is the oldest member of
Light  with the age of 21 but acted like one of the youngest. She has dark brown eyes and slick black hair that is in shoulder-length. She has dark pink lips and pale
skin althought she is Korean. She looks like a cold person sometimes. She is
actually very warm bu
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Suju O1 by KevinRocks Suju O1 :iconkevinrocks:KevinRocks 5 0
Loves Me, Loves Me Not: Nine
  "It's been a long day for you, huh?" Kyuhyun said as they got into the car. They were the only two in the car, because Min Kyung had fallen and hit her head and felt dizzy, after attempting to try dancing.
  Min Kyung rubbed her head. "Yeah... that was... pretty bad, wasn't it?" She tried to shrug it off, but deep down inside, she was absolutely mortified. She felt like hitting herself a thousand times.
  "Well, it's okay, you're still an amateur," Kyuhyun replied, smiling at her. "Here, we can stay in here until they're done. They'll be done soon, in like 15 minutes or so."
  Min Kyung nodded and tried to make herself comfortable. She hugged her knees against her chest. They were both silent for a few minutes.
  "So... why'd you audition? For Super Junior?" Kyuhyun asked, breaking the silence.
  "Well... I don't know, I guess, I was in the mood."
  "So you joined Suju because you were bored," Kyuhyun said, not bot
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Suju Fanfic Part 2
         Shiwon took a deep breath, pushing open the gym's double doors. As he entered with his signature smile, the crowd of boys turned their attention to him to see who was intruding. Most of the boys recognized their best forward player and greeted him with hugs and shouts.  The shouts became blurs of noise and the hugs unnoticed as Shiwon's gaze fell upon a familiar face. Heechul stood with the small portion of boys who weren't as excited as the rest, looking straight at him with a look of disbelief.
         "Ugh, not another class with him?" Heechul moaned as the soccer players tackled Shiwon as if he were a celebrity. Junsu was kicking a soccer ball around, oblivious to what was going on around him. He lived and breathed soccer. The only man they knew of that could make him change the subject within conversation was Mickey. Mickey stood off away from everyone else, leaning agains
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Junsu by asaake Junsu :iconasaake:asaake 1,474 315 super junior : donghae '05 by kombits super junior : donghae '05 :iconkombits:kombits 64 12
My Boyfriend the Dork Ch. 1
One might brag about their boy friend, the athlete, the pretty boy, the popular guy. For me, the dork. Now, people might say, how am I going to brag about a dork? There is absolutely nothing to brag about. That’s where most people are wrong. Sure, they’re unpopular, some are physically challenged and definitely an idiot when it comes to girls. But, when you look underneath all that, how ever dorky all that may be, you might find someone else; someone you didn’t see before.
It was that way for me too. At first, I thought he was just another dork, shy, clumsy, and everything else a dork should be.
I’m guessing that he tried, but he just doesn’t fit in with the crowd. So, I think he just stopped trying. Well, at least until I came along.
Once upon a time, there lived a girl. A girl who was forced to follow the ways of her society. It seems like everyday, her aim is perfection. Perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect nails, and everything else.
Okay, well, maybe
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Seeing Stars by xxbcxx Seeing Stars :iconxxbcxx:xxbcxx 114 115 Rainbow by xxbcxx Rainbow :iconxxbcxx:xxbcxx 1,937 656 Tournesols by Nephyla Tournesols :iconnephyla:Nephyla 261 56



SuJi, or Suzie
Current Residence: in Canada wishing i was in Korea :(
Favourite genre of music: all of them but probably K-Pop ^.~
Favourite photographer: ...another hard one..ill get back to u LOL
Operating System: Toshiba
MP3 player of choice: my trusty IPod Nano!
Shell of choice: the pink pearly smooth ones on the beach
Wallpaper of choice: ..Green paint and i like painting flowers on my wall
Skin of choice: ...what?
Favourite cartoon character: ..ooh...Princess Belle or Minnie XD
Personal Quote: Love EVERYTHING even if u hate yourself
  • Listening to: Genie- SNSD
  • Reading: Fan Fic's
  • Watching: MTV
  • Eating: or STUFFING her face with chocolate cake
  • Drinking: milk
Well, I'm alive and back.
I stopped for awhile and traveled (not far) and spent time with family (and got yelled at :D) and stuff.
So technically had no life AHAHAH
Anyways, I was thinking of starting a whole new account on Deviant, but I didn't finish my fic. I highly doubt anyone cares or anything, but I made a deal with myself to finish my fic, because, I want to know myself what happends in the end.
Even though I didn't update on Deviant I did continue "Love Blossom" on my own time.
So updates should be faster and longer untill I like run out of the chapters I have written.
And I'll admit I haven't written a lot... for an year that is...
   I have written another fan fic with the same characters (because I like them) but with a different plot and some different characters.
       But I won't like put it up, because it needs some tweaks and correcting.
I know I suck for leaving and coming back and leaving again. And then I came back again, because I'd be kinda ticked if someone did that to me... but I am back.
I want to apoligize for being a loser and stuff ^^
                 AGAIN I highly doubt anyone cares or anything, but I am back, and I need to finish for myself...


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